Road Life, Fermented Foods, and a Fast Mile | Notes On Self 002 | 7.01.22

A moment in Olympic Sculpture Park by Jess Barnard
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Fitness Notes

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Nutrition Notes

I’ve been cheffing it up. If you missed it, I provided a couple recipes over to Sakara Life including a chickpea bibimbap bowl which is a favorite. I also made this veggie curry the other night which was a hit. The key to cooking I’ve found really is not just a variety of the base ingredients but the spices utilized too. I am attempting to learn more about that.

Work Notes

Been tapping into the talk scene recently. Always love getting booked for talks, forces me to condense thoughts into a way that is consumable for real people and can hopefully inspire action. Headed to New Orleans for EssenceFest for a July 3rd chat, if you’re around pull-up.

  • Been trying to understand the difference between a recession and inflation, because the terms have been thrown around interchangeably in the United States but they are actually quite different. This might be the first time the “creator/influencer” economy is going through a true recession if it hits hard, so there is added interest due to that. What does that mean for not just Gen Z but also an aging millennial population who have been outside the standard workforce for quite some time? Not sure but history says not everyone survives.
  • Building on above, invest in a skillset that can actually be applied to other areas in your industry and not just creating “content”. I personally found a bit of success early on because I did not approach my work through the lens of solely fitness but instead through the global mindset of the “health and wellness” industry. I studied not just where the industry currently was but where it was going and the value I could add to businesses in my field through personal acumen. Fitness is only a small part of the overall industry and it also allows me to weather the economic storms and cycles if one area of the industry deflates. If you’re a freelancer, creative, or looking for just a different opportunity it might be helpful to take an industry approach instead of just a “job” approach. This builds on the “intrapreneur vs entrepreneur” dichotomy which I will expand on in coming weeks.
  • Remember to take breaks. Wired ran this article the other day on benefits of active rest and how productivity/creativity coupled with “slacking off” in a constructive way might be helpful.

Reading Notes

Blue Mind

Final Thoughts

With everything going on right now in the US political system, it feels a bit off to even be writing or talking about “wellness”. Does it actually become more important though to take care of yourself when everything around you seems to be crumbling? I argue yes, only way “good” wins is if we build the stamina to put up the necessary fight. Key is to just not let your wellness practices start and end with you.



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